Our Approach

Redstone’s approach to political risk is as unique as our team. Our proprietary methodology combines [HUMINT] ON THE GROUND HUMAN SOURCES with quantitative [and qualitative] research and interprets it within a geopolitical context. This data-driven intelligence approach…

(HUMINT) HUMAN INTELLIGENCE is all about relationships, and we have built and cultivated those relationships over a lifetime of professional experience.
OUR SOURCES (Former intelligence professionals) glean crucial and relevant information from their contacts AT ALL LEVELS ACROSS A COUNTRY, so that we can provide our clients with the ‘OUTSIDE THE CAPITOL’ perspective they need.

OUR SOURCING (This HUMINT) provides a layered context to our quantitative methods. Our team includes certified public opinion researchers who have developed innovative AND PROVEN ACCURATE techniques for data-collection in DEVELOPING WORLD COUNTRIES AND CONFLICT ZONES (hostile environments).

This proprietary methodology produces the most accurate polling available, proven by a consistent record of predictive success IN COUNTRIES SUCH AS AFGHANISTAN, BURMA, IRAQ….

Our Team

Our Network

In addition to our core team, Redstone is able to draw upon a network of contacts in over 60 countries worldwide.

These foreign leaders, (activists,) journalists, ACTIVISTS AND CIVIL SOCIETY FIGURES (and civil servants) provide us with the cutting edge information and perspective.

OUR IN HOUSE POLLING CAPABILITY IS BACKED UP BY (We also have) partner organizations around the world that specialize in research and data collection (to feed). This network is our most valued asset…