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About ActiveEdge

Marketing and high technology have long been on a collision course. At some point, it was inevitable that they collide and merge to offer businesses an integrated means of reaching and communicating with their audience.

ActiveEdge is unique in that we operate at that point of convergence.

As an integrated marketing firm, we are as comfortable developing online, high-tech web sites or interactive pieces as we are creating traditional offline print, trade show, branding or marketing strategies. We’re able to translate our clients’ messages into visible, highly interactive and seamless communication that supports the brand across multiple media.

Because our origin is high-tech, we’re adept at flexible, responsive, and results oriented outcomes. We’ve built that leaner, more agile mentality into our approach to marketing to create an alternative type of company that operates cooperatively with our clients in a way that works for them. It’s a significant departure from typical agency workings.

We’re creatively and technically savvy and bring a fresh, original and imaginative perspective to our clients’ projects. Creatively we’re able to establish a look and feel that lends a unique visual voice to the family of pieces to strengthen the brand in the market. Technically we use industry standard animation, illustration, web development, and programming languages that ensure design and functional stability and transforms static features into highly interactive functions and business solutions.

We regularly exceed our clients’ expectations by listening to their needs and developing custom solutions that suit their objectives, budget and timeline. Our clients deal directly with our team doing the work to facilitate communication, meet deadlines, and maintain a consistency thoughout the project.

ActiveEdge understands marketing in a crowded business climate. Our responsiveness to the changing technology of marketing and our forward thinking perspective puts us in a unique position to help our clients capitalize on market opportunities as the arise.

ActiveEdge is an integrated marketing firm, successfully combining traditional and new media technologies.