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Logo & Corporate ID
Building a brand is a complex endeavor. It usually starts with a logo & corporate identification. The logo, as the primary company identifier, visually conveys a perception of who the company is and what the company represents. That representation may be bold, playful, reserved or technical depending on the personality of the company. The corporate identification is typically introduced as letterhead, signage, uniforms or other customer facing materials and interactions. ActiveEdge works with start-up firms to identify that unique and memorable presence as well as with larger, more established firms looking to update an older logo with a current appeal.

Brand Development
Brand development centers around creating guidelines on how the brand mark is visually represented throughout all media to maintain consistency and clarity. We develop a guideline manual that the company uses as a reference to maintain the visual consistency and integrity of the mark. It identifies specific logo colors and shapes, reverse treatment, typefaces, and taglines as lock-ups with the logo.

Brand Strategy Consulting
Although the visual representation is the most noticeable part of a company’s branding effort, there is far more behind the brand than just the visual component. Our brand strategy consulting helps uncover existing yet undefined brands that are naturally occurring inside the corporate culture yet may not have been identified, articulated or promoted. We guide the process of discovery and shape the development of where the company would like the brand to evolve. We craft plans to transition the brand to a more tangible representation of itself in a way that has meaning to its audience.

The crucial ingredient in the success of any brand is its claim to authenticity.

-- Al Reis and Laura Reis, from The 22 Immutable Laws of BRANDING