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Non-profit entities, organizations, and business associations alike all share the same vital need to effectively communicate. They must successfully market their causes in an increasingly crowded marketplace. Their goals are multi-functional to inform members, coordinate volunteers, solicit financial contributors, build trust within their communities, instill a shared sense of teamwork, and deliver exemplary service to their constituents.

Marketing for non-profits needs to be able to translate that passion, teamwork and cause in a way that elicits action. ActiveEdge helps non-profits achieve greater success through effective strategic planning and tactical campaign execution.

ActiveEdge works collaboratively to distill succinct messages for each of the multiple audiences inside an organization, and creates effective campaigns that connect on a personal level. We’ve worked with organizations to plan, create and implement direct mail funding campaigns, program e-commerce functionality for online electronic donation processing or event registration, and fundamentally increase the credibility of organizations through strikingly improved website designs. We’ve developed advanced search engine optimization methodologies that improve organic placement on search engine report pages.

Our professional commitment starts in the workplace and extends beyond our typical workday. As a team, we help shape the communication of organizations to empower their missions. Individually we contribute our time through volunteering on boards, committees, and events that have personal significance.

Sample Client Projects:

• Manchester Chamber of Commerce