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Professional Services

Professional service firms rely heavily on their intellectual capital, client interactions, and overall reputations. They are relationship driven. Relational marketing focuses on the development or fostering of a relationship between the company and their market.

ActiveEdge understands the distinct challenges involved with marketing professional services in a competitive marketplace. We approach each project from a strategic marketing perspective to identify thought leadership patterns that reveal the true nature of the firm. We’re able to uncover the particular threads of excellence in each firm and craft key messages that are presented in memorable ways through advertising, brochures, other print collateral material and websites.

We improve internal knowledge sharing through the development of Intranets where internal private resources and integrated databases can be stored and accessed through a collective repository.

With each firm, ActiveEdge uncovers the unique competitive advantages and brings them to light so they can shine. We highlight the basic building blocks of a solid client/professional relationship and use that information to craft messages and design creative visual strategies that accurately reflect the firms’ unique value. We convey the knowledge, ability, and professional acumen of the individual firm.

Sample Client Projects:

• UniFund