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The world is connected and getting more connected by the minute. Both the Internet (“…a collection of interconnected computer networks” – Wikipedia) and the World Wide Web (“…a collection of interconnected documents and other resources” – Wikipedia) are growing exponentially. It is how the world is choosing to communicate.

In increasing numbers, businesses are turning to online communication methods to increase sales, herald their brands, build credibility, and communicate more effectively with their customers.

ActiveEdge guides businesses in the most appropriate, effective means to use online tools to achieve their marketing and business goals.

Web Development
Let’s face it web development can be daunting, a bit unwieldy and confusing. What gets included, how does it get organized, what does the copy say, what does it look like and how interactive should it be? There’s a lot to think about. ActiveEdge helps make the whole practice of web development easier with a seven step process that breaks down the confusion into a more understandable and logical process. From start to finish we guide you through the steps to make the whole project a more pleasurable and inclusive experience.

Online Content Development
During development, it is useful to have a resource that can come in, quickly understand your products, services, and positioning and write the website page copy that presents the company in its best light. ActiveEdge provides this online content development to assist clients in speaking clearly, consistently, and with purpose to their audiences.

Many companies need their websites to contain an e-commerce functionality that enables them to process monetary transactions online. Our team will assess the complexity of the function needed, and make recommendations regarding how to best include that feature into the site. We will then either incorporate off-the-shelf software for basic types of systems, or create custom programming to address complex e-commerce features.

Promotion and Tracking
ActiveEdge is adept at web promotion and tracking to assist clients with the website launch, website marketing, or to monitor and track its success once it is live. Promotion may entail online web banners, links, recommendations on pay-per-click, or entirely offline efforts such as including the web address on all print collateral or direct mail to drive traffic to the site. Tracking the success through standard hit rates or more sophisticated click movements improve accountability and more effectively measure project ROI.

Search Engine Optimization
One of the more well known types of website promotion is search engine optimization. SEO as it is commonly called, concentrates on improving a user's experience of a website as well as its natural placement on search engine results pages (SERPS). It does this through improved relevancy, consistency and frequency of use of all pertinent website elements.

ActiveEdge's well-rounded approach to SEO considers:

  • multi-step key phrase research
  • competitive analysis
  • benchmark ranking reports
  • web statistics analysis
  • meta data creation
  • on-page optimization coding
  • search engine and directory submission
  • site map creation
  • content review
  • link building
  • copy writing
  • article publishing
We understand that each client and website is unique and may have different levels of SEO needs. To address this, ActiveEdge has developed three distinct SEO packages to accommodate the various degrees of desired involvement.

Email Marketing
Email marketing is common promotion that may drive users to the site. Quite often email campaigns are used in conjunction with other traditional media to generate web traffic. Once again ActiveEdge will help asses the complexity and level of control the client would like to maintain and make recommendations on how best to execute.

Email marketing is equally as creative as it is technical and therefore needs a blended approach to be successful. Our team brings both a marketing perspective and all the knowledge of technically how to accomplish the task. We can assist with part of the effort or consider the entire campaign strategy from start to finish including the messaging, the content, the visual design, the deployment, and testing & tracking. We consider the clients existing systems and capabilities and work within their parameters so that clients can maintain maximum control over the program.

Electronic Marketing
Email marketing is part of a larger category of online marketing called electronic marketing. Electronic marketing can be any online promotion to capture attention and generate demand. Web banner or display advertising on other websites, pop-ups and even flash animated banners are all forms of electronic marketing that are becoming more popular. Blogs, chatrooms, message boards, and social networking websites all become means for online buzz marketing to flourish. ActiveEdge helps clients evaluate the pros and cons of online marketing that works toward achieving their goals and objectives.

Web sites can be enhanced through higher levels of interactivity such as flash animation, dynamically driven user experiences, illustrations, or the addition of computer graphics. 3D illustration, product modeling, and animation can also enhance a users experience by mimicking a more lifelike product that may be more visually appealing.

Web Management & Maintenance
Once the site is built, we help maintain it through web management and maintenance. Monthly traffic reporting, site updates, and content changes or additions, are some of the many services that are offered to let clients have more control over their sites.

Five years ago, we thought of the Web as a new medium, not a new economy. 

-- Clement Mok