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Promotion through digital media and interactive experiences is the new era of marketing. ActiveEdge expertly blends the use of this new tool set with proven marketing formulas for a truly integrated marketing approach.

Interactive, Flash and Video
Experiential marketing involves the audience in a way that gets them to relate, think, feel, or act. This can be visual, auditory, through touch or some other form of interaction. We understand the audience, the message, and goals of the initiative and make suggestions on interactive pieces that fit the client’s criteria and budget. That may include online click-through flash animations, dynamically-driven and user defined web content, product demonstrations, or video commercial to launch a new product at an international tradeshow.

We start with concept creation then move through messaging, scripting, and visual design. We use existing images and graphics or coordinate original photo shoots and video shoots for more product and company specific images. We use our graphics and imaging skill to create two dimension and three dimension images that we can then animate to present products or services in creative, memorable ways. Similar principles are applied to podcasting projects where content management precedes recording and media formatting for deployment.

Graphics, Imaging and Podcasting
Presentation is a critical element in maintaining a competitive advantage in a competitive online environment. Adding digital media and interactive components such as animation, computer graphics, visualizations, modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering, and 3D modeling gives a fuller dimension to a company’s online presence.

Audio or video podcasting is another avenue of connecting with customers and prospects. Podcasts extend the online brand and establish a trusted advisor status. Users can access information at their convenience, yet still be exposed and interact with the brand.

The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.

-- Bill Gates