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As much as companies are promoting their businesses online, they are still maintaining a strong component of print communication in their marketing mix. Unlike the online experience with its rigidly defined spaces, varying connection speeds, and one page-per-view exposure, print communication offers a variety of options for collateral materials that capture attention by their presence alone. The tactile sensation of a fine-quality, weighted paper for a business card, the striking large-format visual of a trade show display, or the attention grabbing packaging of a product on the store shelf are all examples of the impact print materials can have on the perception of a company in the market.

Collateral Material
Because ActiveEdge is an integrated marketing firm, our strengths lie as much with traditional print communication as they do with the newer online forms of communication. We’re able to apply the same principles of messaging and visual design across both realms to maintain consistency of brand. We help establish a perception in the market by creating appropriate identities, images, and delivery systems for every point of customer contact. We understand that a company’s identity is the most powerful expression of brand and we help shape that image through thoughtful consideration and use of color, typography, imagery and composition in the creative design of all collateral materials.

Advertising, Direct Mail, Brochures, and Data Sheets
We frequently create individual ads or entire advertising campaigns that are unique yet are visibly part of the family of materials under the corporate brand guide. We incorporate the visual identity of a company into all print pieces. Sometimes that means creating a simple series of post cards or a more complex multiple-piece direct mail promotion. It may include designing a company brochure or series of product data sheets that are used inside a presentation folder.

Trade Show & Event Graphics
ActiveEdge also works with our clients in designing their trade show and event graphics. Whether that is a modest 10’ x 10’ booth or an impressive 40’ x 50’ island booth with 20’ high framework and multiple panel designs, we’re able to craft a plan where theme development, key message points and visual design all come together to make a memorable impression.

Packaging and POP
Our product packaging starts with concept creation and moves through original photography shoots and copywriting before ending with solid visual design that successfully combines the elements on the package. Our creative design works seamlessly from package to POP (point of purchase) displays capitalizing on strong visual elements to tie together the whole effort.

Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose

-- Charles Eames