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Technology is the unsung hero behind digital media and interactive success. Quite often projects call for complex computer programming to make web sites, extranets, intranets or data perform seamlessly, or to be able to manage web site content efficiently.

Technology allows the parts and pieces to work inside existing platforms, networks and servers while providing a pleasurable user experience. In those instances, ActiveEdge is ready with programmers who are well versed in programming languages such as HTML, SQL, ASP and PHP. We integrate legacy software applications or databases into your site to bring a higher level of interactivity to your online customer relationship management (CRM) process.

Web Applications and e-commerce
Every business needs a website, but how do you make your site perform as more than just a billboard so that it actually works for you? The answer is interactivity. The use of web applications and e-commerce makes a website more dynamic and interesting and allows users to interact with the site in a way that interests them. Whether you are trying to have your website generate leads, qualify visitors, configure some of your products, or sell your products online, ActiveEdge can customize or integrate off-the-shelf software components or create entirely customized online web and e-commerce applications to provide flexibility and streamline performance.

Intranets, Extranets, and Database Integration
An intranet is a private area within a company's network where the company personnel can access information that is not available to people outside of the company. An intranet is a great way to keep people within the company informed and collaborating while ensuring that everyone is using the same data. ActiveEdge designs, develops and integrates secure company-wide intranets where a firm’s personnel have exclusive access to sensitive and proprietary information.

An extranet is similar to an intranet but is available to select users visiting a site such as customers, vendors, and members. It allows authorized access to restricted information in a secure area of the public website. For example, a company may sell products through dealers and those dealers may have access to different products or have different pricing levels associated with them. An extranet allows each dealer to access a special area of the website to get product, marketing, or pricing information that is targeted specifically for them.

Sometimes companies have information that is contained in databases or older systems. These databases or systems may be used by the entire company and it would take more time and resources than the company is currently willing to spend to break away from the current system and move to a new one. In this case, ActiveEdge can integrate existing databases or legacy systems into an intranet, extranet, or even the public website.

Almost overnight, the Internet's gone from a technical wonder to a business must. 

-- Bill Schrader